Mead Post Office

In the early days of Mead, the post office was kept in a corner of one of the local businesses. It wasn't until the 1950s, after Robert A. Clark became the postmaster, that there was a building dedicated to just being a post office. The building chosen was the former Richey Grocery store, originally moved to Mead from Highlandlake around 1910. Once it was moved to Mead, it housed several businesses, including the Red and White Grocery store. Once Clark purchased it, he lived in the apartment in back and ran the post office out of the front.

The Mead Post Office opened in Mead in March of 1907 after which the editor of the Mead Messenger, Cecil V. Holmes, became the first Mead postmaster. He ably handled the task at hand for three years, after which Marion Squire. (M.S.) Adams and his wife, Rebecca, assumed charge in October of 1910. The Adams' originally owned one of the general stores in Highlandlake until they moved their store from Highlandlake to Mead in 1906.

Sometime in early 1906, Mr. and Mrs. M.S. Adams built a stylish wood-framed structure on the corner of Welker (CR 34) and what was then, the original Main Street (now CR 7). Business must of been very good, because in 1913, they, along with many other Mead businesses, moved over to 4th street. There they built a large brick building which still stands to this day. There are a couple pictures still in existence of this building with the words "Mead Post Office" prominently displayed across the upper facade (see above picture).

The Adams retired in late 1914, sold their business, and moved to Longmont. George E. Snider took over as Post Master in September of 1914 and moved the post office next door to his drug store across from the lumber yard.

On September 30, 1948, James T. Howlett became acting postmaster. He was finally confirmed in June of 1954. On July 31, 1954, just a few days after James T. Howlett was confirmed, Robert A. Clark assumed charge, Clark was confirmed on April 16, 1956. Robert Clark carried on the duties of his office until the mid- 1980's when he retired. Debra Griffith took over his duties at that time and she oversaw the expansion of the local mail delivery and the building of the new post office now located on Welker street, south of the railroad tracks.

Today (March, 2016) April Bauming is the current Postmistress. After Debra Griffith retired, she took over in October of 2012.