Mead Newspapers

Mead Messinger


Mead had three different newspapers over the years, and a couple of recent newsletters that lasted only a few months. In addition, the Longmont papers, the Johnstown Breeze in Johnstown, the Platteville newspaper and the Berthoud newspapers all carried news about Mead. The Longmont Ledger carried a Highlandlake/Mead column for years in the early part of this century, and in the 1920s through the 1940s, included a section in their paper, called the "Mead Messenger." This was like a mini paper within a paper and carried the local Mead and Highlandlake news. For several years " The Johnstown Breeze" published the Mead Messenger as the owner of the paper in Mead, did not have a press. Today, a monthly version of the Mead Messenger, is published by the Town of Mead as their newsletter. In it you can read about upcoming events, what the trustees are up to, and other general need to know town information.


The Mead Messenger Vol. 11, May 1926 - "In the eleventh hour rush, just as we were going to press last week, The Messenger unintentionally failed to make mention of the pleasing manner in which Undertaker F. R. Shaw of Longmont conducted the funeral service of the late Mrs. Martha Bishop. Shaw is a pioneer undertaker, and he enjoys the distinction of conducting funerals to the entire satisfaction of all concerned."

Vol. 11, May 1926 - " For the past week rain has been an almost daily occurrence. The farmers and others as well are now hoping for a few days of much needed sunshine. The time a year ago the cry was, 'We need a rain - and that pretty bad and quick'."

Vol. 11, May 1926 - "The dance given at the Mead Hall last Saturday night by the Messrs. Anderson and Olson was well attended, but due to the almost impassable condition of the road half way between Mead and Longmont, it is said that several would-be-dancers were unable to make the grade, and failed to arrive that night."

The Johnstown Breeze -In the Johnstown Breeze paper dated, Thursday,  Nov 5, 1908, it states that, "The Mead Messenger was sold last week to I. A. Lee of Santa Fe, New Mexico, who took immediate charge."

The Thursday, Oct. 1, 1908 issue reports, "Editor Holmes of the Mead Messenger wants an annual dog-killing day instituted in his town."

Thursday, Oct 8, 1908 announces, "The towns of Mead and Nunn have filed petitions with the county clerk asking that they be allowed to vote on the question of making their precincts anti-saloon territory at the next election."

The Thursday, Nov 26, 1908 issue declares, "The town of Mead has granted the Colorado Telephone company a franchise."

Mead Messenger. June 15, 1928. "A most enjoyable Mother Daughter evening was held Tuesday evening at the home of Mrs. I. J. Doke, with a large attendance of W. M. A. Guild members and friends."

Longmont Ledger, December 16, 1921. "Bank Robbery at Mead. The robbery was at Mead last week Thursday when the Firs National Bank of Mead was entered and the safety deposit boxes rifled and a number of valuable papers were taken. They did not get into the vault, or the loss might have been considerably greater."

The same issue as above also had another story titled, "McCormick's Store at Mead Robbed." "Mead seems to be out of luck. The sensation of the bank robbery had not passed for the next day or Friday before the department store of W. H. McCormick was entered, the thieves prying the front door open, notwithstanding a street lamp was shinning near by. The robbers had an auto and carried off about $1,500 worth of clothing, consisting of men's suits, including twelve serge suits, one large fur overcoat, several mackinaws, thirty pairs of men's shoes, neckties, etc. The thieves made bags out of some blankets to carry the goods to the auto. This auto was traced as far as Frederick and then lost."