Mead Government

Mead Messinger

The first town board meeting was held at Dalgetty's, believed to be a dry goods store. Some claim it was the local Pool Hall and barber shop, on 13 April 1908. C. V. Holmes was elected Chairman Pro-Tem and I. F. Hays, Clerk Pro-Tem.first Mayor of Mead Marion Stuart (M.S.) Adams

The first mayor was M. S. Adams, (he had recently moved his general store from Highlandlake to the new town site) Photo right is Mayor Marion Stuart (M.S.) Adams.

Trustees were:
C. V. Holmes
I. F. Hays
O. B. Goodwin
John Dalgetty
Chas. A. Smith

J. E. Kitts was elected Clerk with a salary of $45.00 a year
T. J. Holmes Treasurer with a salary of $25.00 a year.
B. M. Holt was the first town attorney - his salary for the first year was $100.
W. H. Wilson was the first Police Magistrate appointed in June of 1908. He was to be paid $26.00 a year and was to charge everyone who was arrested $1.00 to be paid to the town. By 1910, the Marshal's wages were raised to $10.00 a month.

McCormicks General StoreMeetings were set for the first Tuesday in the month. Initially, meetings were held about every two weeks until the ordinances and town regulations were set up. Meetings were held at Dalgetty's, The Merchant Bank, Mead Drug Store, and the McCormick General Store.

The first ordinance was pertaining to licenses granted for the sale of intoxicating, vinous, malt, spirituous and fermented liquor. (In all the Paul Mead land there was a clause that no intoxicating liquors were to be sold.)

The first liquor licenses went to Nicholas Frank and Mike Coyle. There were seven applications, but only two granted. Those were only for six months. The first liquor licenses allowed a place to be opened from 6:00 am to 1:00 pm. There were to be no blinds on the windows and to be closed on Sunday.

The second ordinance was in relation to the meetings, procedures etc. and the ordinance pertaining to the officers of the town and their duties and bonds.

These were all passed on 7 May 1908.

The first bills presented to the town were for the incorporation costs. $157.63 and $13.15 for the trips to Greeley, the county seat. These were paid to C. V. Holmes and M. Coyle who had advanced the money.  The trips were made on 5 Feb and 12 Feb, 1908.