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Dunaway Family Pictures

All photos on this page were contributed by Joseph Gilbert

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Esham Cemetey.


There are a lot of Dunaways' buried in the Esham Cemetery







Another view of Esham Cemetery




Benjamin was one of Edward T. Dunaway's brothers





Roxie and Chrles dunaway headstone



Charles and Roxie D. Dunaway






Edward and Dora Botkins Dunaway




Edward and Dora L. Botkins Dunaway





Samuel Dunaway



Samuel, infant son of Edward T and Dora L Dunaway. His father made the headstone for his son and it is next to his parents.  There is a pathos here that speaks to the human condition.





Theodore Soede Dunaway headstone



Theodore Soade Dunaway was killed by a train on the old railroad from garrison to Grayson that no longer exists.