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Tollesboro Cemetery

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The cemetery is located along old state route 10 at the east end of Tollesboro, where bane road intersects with route 10. It is maintained by donations from friends and relatives of people buried there. The names of Mineer, Browning, Staten, and Highfield are common.

Headstone photos of Mineer Family members were ontributed by Bennie Mineer at:

;                                                    This cemetery is maintained by gifts

Tollesboro Cemetery sign

Burdick and Allene Hampton Headstone

Burdick Hampton and Allene Hampton

Bennie Mineer

Bennie Harold and Nancy Smith Mineer

Cecil Mineer Headstone

Cecil Mineer

Dorothy Mineer Headstone

Dorothy Mineer

James Mineer Headstone

James Allen Mineer

Nellie Mineer Headstone

Nellie Mineer

William F. and Hilda W. Staton Headstone

William F. Staton and Hilda Staton

Jimmie E. and Virginia Staton Headstone
Photos coutesy of B. H. Mineer

Jimmie E. Staton and Virginia Staton