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Lewis County Cemetery locator Maps from-GNIS

This is not a complete list, only those that have locator maps. There are many other cemeteries in Lewis County than are listed here.

Feature Name Lat Long USGS 7.5' Map
Adams Cemetery 383229N 0832040W Vanceburg
Brightman Cemetery 383530N 0831253W Garrison
Cedar Leaf Cemetery 384042N 0833422W Manchester Islands
Christy Cemetery 383439N 0831120W Garrison
Esham Cemetery 382718N 0833110W Burtonville
Evans Cemetery 383520N 0831746W Vanceburg
Fairmont Cemetery
(Concord Cemetery)
383851N 0832631W Concord
Fearis Cemetery 383739N 0833530W Manchester Islands
Hackworth Cemetery 383206N 0832823W Charters
Holly Cemetery 383047N 0832216W Vanceburg
Howland Cemetery 383709N 0830745W Garrison
Hubbard Cemetery 383431N 0831128W Garrison
Matty Cemetery 383309N 0831344W Garrison
Mays Cemetery 382749N 0833114W Burtonville
McCoy Cemetery 383105N 0832830W Charters
McClurg Cemetery 384042N 0832906W Concord
McEldowney Cemetery 382803N 0832611W Stricklett
Million Cemetery 382554N 0833434W Burtonville
Pleasant Ridge Cemetery 383652N 0832256W Charters
Skidmore Cemetery 383353N 0831128W Garrison
Stone Cemetery 382800N 0831507W Head of Grassy
Sullivan Cemetery 383350N 0831224W Garrison
Thomas Cemetery 383400N 0830600W Brushart
Thorp Cemetery 382542N 0833210W Burtonville
Valley Cemetery 383440N 0832555W Charters
Veach Cemetery 383633N 0830630W Brushart
Waring Cemetery 383602N 0831041W Garrison
Webster Cemetery 383524N 0832238W Charters
Willis Cemetery 383407N 0831214W Garrison