Jacob's Ladder Toy

The Jacob's Ladder toy is deceptively simple. Learn to make one here.


The Jacob's Ladder toy looks like magic and will amaze your friends. Once you know the secret, you can make them in all sizes from very small to as tall as you are! Most are made from wood, but you can also use thick cardboard or anything else you think will work. Try it out and see. You do want to use a double-sided ribbon as both sides of the ribbon can be seen. Most people use grosgrain or twill tape, both of which you can buy at any fabric story. For variations, Try drawing pictures or painting the blocks different colors.

Mystery trick:

Place a folded dollar bill behind the tape of one of the blocks. As the ladder is set in motion, the dollar bill will disappear and the reappear on the next tumble!

To see a short video of how to work a Jacob's Ladder, click here.