About Me


For those who are new to my site, my name is Pauli Driver Smith. Until about nine years ago, I was a fairly well-known doll artist, creating original one-of-a-kind and small limited edition art dolls for the collectors market.

A near fatal car accident on April, 17, 1997, coupled with another serious accident less than two years later, effectively ended my career as a doll artist. However, as one door was slammed shut, many others opened, affording me lessons and opportunities I never previously considered possible.

You can read a bit of my story about coming back from from my accidents, as well as get some general information and links about closed head injuries, learn something about my causes, hobbies, passions and have a little fun along the way.

The art used for this website is from a © Harrison Fisher print, "Leisure Moments", circa 1909
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