Church Venue


The Historic Highlandlake Church building is owned and operated by Historic Highlandlake, Inc. a 501 (c)3 Colorado non-profit, historical society.

Please Note! The Town of Mead owned Highland Lake is not associated with or a part of, Historic Highlandlake, Inc.
For information about reservations etc. please contact the town.

About Our Venue:

1 Located on the shores of beautiful Highland Lake, the Historic Highlandlake church building is the last remaining public building left in the once thriving hamlet of Highlandlake, Colorado. After six years of hard work and fund-raising, we are proud to say that our efforts to save this valuable piece of Colorado history is now complete (as of spring 2008).

Carefully restored to the National Park Standards, our building is almost completely original to 1896, and features strikingly beautiful stained glass windows, a working bell (yes you can ring it!), original furnishings, and a magnificent view of Highland Lake and the Rocky Mountains in the distance. When you enter the building itself, you immediately experience a sense of returning to a simpler time. This powerful, historical ambiance is what attracts people time and time again to celebrate the important occasions in their lives.

2Keeping with the historical nature of our building, we have no permanent utilities in the facility, including water, heat, electricity and restroom facilities. However, a port a-potty and access to electricity (via an electrical cord to next door) is provided at no extra cost.

All proposed activities and events in the church building are subject to approval by the entire Historic Highlandlake, Inc (HHI) Board. Some acceptable uses are, weddings, reunions, special programs, acoustic concerts, community events/programs, funerals, craft/quilt shows, and other such activities. We are somewhat wheelchair accessible. Picnic areas are available on the north and east sides of the building. Off street parking is available for up to 30 vehicles. Building capacity is limited to no more than 100 adults.


2Use of building: $500.00 per event. Whenever possible, we try to give you three days: the first day is so you can set up, decorate, and have your rehearsal; The second day is for your event; and the third day for cleanup. Occasionally, we have events booked close together and we may not always be able to allow you a full three days. All deposits/payments made are non-refundable!

2A $500.00 damage/cleaning deposit in a separate check is required at least two weeks before your event. This will be returned or shredded if there are no problems and the building and grounds are left clean and undamaged. Please Plan Accordingly: Spiked heels can and do cause irreparable damage to the soft wood floors so if you and/or your quests choose to wear them and the floor is damaged, you will lose your whole deposit!

Your rental fee includes a basic port-a-potty and the ability to run an electrical cord to next door for electricity to run a small appliance or microphone, etc. In the colder months, we do have a commercial, construction grade propane heater than can be used to take the chill off the building. However, the fire codes do not allow this unit to be used while there are more than a couple people in the building. If you are planning your event for the colder months, be aware that you and your guests will need to dress warmly. Finally, while we try to avoid conflicts, occasionally, we have events booked close together and we may not always be able to allow you a full three days.

For more information on availability, or to reserve the church for your event, please call our Executive Director, Pauli Driver-Smith (970) 535-4936

Venue and Event Photos:

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Couple kissing while ringing the church bell
ont Foyer of the church showing the beautiful stained glass windows.
Scott Beach playing the bagpipes
The magnificent front stained glass windows.
Our building is available for funerals for people who have a deep connection to Highlandlake and Mead.
Pot bellied stove in the main sanctuary is original.
Sharon Gulli talks about how people flurted in Victorian times.
The Piano was donated in 1921 and the organ is original to the church. It was purchased in 1896.
Roberts Family playing musical instruments for our annual Christmas program
Michael Bellmont